We sell IBM Selectric typewriters.  Our selection of available Selectrics have been thoroughly cleaned, serviced, worn parts replaced, and are ready to serve you for many years to come.  These typewriters are as close to new as you can get.  All Selectrics include two additional ribbons, two additional correction tapes, an extra type element (font ball), and a copy of the operator's manual.  All Selectrics include a 60 day warranty.

IBM Selectric III ($595)
The IBM Selectric III was the latest of the Selectric line of typewriters produced.  This one features a full size 15" model.
Dual Pitch (10 and 12 characters per inch)
96 Character Element
Includes optional clear sound shield (shown below)

IBM Selectric/Wheelwriter Trade In
You can trade in your IBM Selectric or Wheelwriter Typewriter for up to $75 off one of our serviced and fully functional typewriters.  Please contact us for more information.

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