MASSIVE-SB-123245-123245-002.jpgWe service IBM Selectric and Wheelwriter typewriters.  We are located in Greater Portland, Maine.  We proudly serve Maine, New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and beyond.  Our services include cleaning and diagnostic services, repair, and parts replacements.

If you have an IBM Selectric or Wheelwriter typewriter that needs cleaning or service, please contact us.  Basic cleaning and servicing is $110.  We also provide free estimates for more extensive repairs.

IBM Selectrics are highly regarded by their owners.  These typewriters are well engineered and designed to provide years of service.  However, over time the old lubricants used tend to harden and some plastic parts crack.  Our IBM Selectric rebuilding service will remove old lubricants, apply new synthetic lubricants, replace plastic parts (cycle clutch hub, tab pulley), rebuild spring clutches, and check and adjust numerous other items.  Our IBM Selectric rebuild service is $375.